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The Compliance Checklist That Could Save Your Cannabis Retail License

Jan 23, 2020

Genuine compliant dispensaries that go the extra mile are going to be the ones that stand the test of time in the cannabis industry. Discover top tips for running a compliant business and what you can do to beat your competitors while the industry is still young.

Jan 16, 2020

Cannabis home delivery is in the works, but the delivery aspect is going to be a lot more strict than you think and gig-economy just doesn’t cut it for how they’re laying the law. Discover some of the barriers to cannabis delivery here.

Improving your Dispensary’s Customer Journey | Pro Tips for Before, During and After the Purchase

Jan 9, 2020

Cannabis retail licenses are becoming widely available, which means that your store needs to find a way to differentiate itself from the rest. Discover ways you can finesse your store for long-term success in the legal cannabis market here.

Remember This? | Decade Rewind into the Cannabis Industry 

December 31, 2019

With the decade reaching its end, we wanted to look back to reflect on all of the major wins in the cannabis industry that took place just within the past 10 years and what we can expect moving into 2020! 

 High for the Holidays | Booze-Free Alternative Peaks Interest for Holiday Celebrations 

December 19, 2019

Alcohol may be taking a step back this holiday season. With stigma around pot breaking down, millennials are taking cannabis home with them this Christmas. Discover how cannabis could replace alcohol at social gatherings here.

The Vaping Crisis Culprit |

A Lowdown For Vaping Safely

December 12, 2019

With the strike of terror that’s come to the vaping industry recently, we want to share with you what exactly happened and what we can do to prevent this kind of outbreak from happening again.

Ontario is Officially Ditching the Cannabis Retail Lottery in Favour of Open Market

December 5, 2019

With a gruelling lottery system ruling cannabis distribution throughout Ontario, the government announces a move toward an open market for cannabis retail! 

Stop Buying from Your Dealer! Support Legal and Local | Interview with Evan Adcock, CEO of Verda Innovations 

December 2, 2019

Buying illicit market cannabis isn’t as satisfying as you thought. Evan Adcock, CEO & Co-Founder of Verda Innovations explains exactly why buying legal cannabis is so important in this day and age.

Convenience is King | Why Same-Day Home Delivery is going to Dominate Legal Cannabis Retail

November 21, 2019

Learn about how convenience is a crucial factor for future-proofing your cannabusiness while giving your customers the ultimate satisfaction.

The Legal Cannabis Market | Growing like a Weed!

November 14, 2019

The support for legalizing cannabis has hit an all-time high at 68% of Americans. Can you feel the momentum building?!

Verda Takes Industry by Storm | Launch Aligned with Ontario's "Click and Collect" Model for Legal Cannabis Retail

November 8, 2019

With an online ordering and in-store reservation model coming to Ontario Cannabis Retailers, Verda is leading the pack and ready to launch in unison.

5 Rising Trends for Cannabis Retail | CWCBE Exclusive

November 7, 2019

Cannabis consumers are always ahead of the game. Hot off the press from CWCBE Boston, learn about the top 5 rising trends that you need to be offering at your retail cannabis store.

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