What is Verda?

Verda is a platform built for retailers and couriers within the legal recreational cannabis space with an aim to connect consumers with a simple, safe and accessible way to get their hands on legal cannabis and cannabis products.


The largest obstacle most people face when purchasing cannabis products is safety, convenience and price; a triple-threat that, when governing bodies come to legalize the substance, the illicit market still trumps in terms of convenience and price, but that comes at a cost to safety.


Studies have shown that customers are willing to pay up to 50% more for the peace of mind of knowing that their products are regulated and safe - and if they can be delivered at the convenience that the illicit market provides, then legal cannabis products will become more desirable for the majority, especially with the health and safety concerns that have been hitting the news in recent times surrounding tainted illicit cannabis products.


Verda's built a vast network of legally certified store owners with the same goal in mind; to encourage consumers to purchase and consume legal cannabis products by providing a comfortable and convenient way to shop from home where simplicity, safety and peace of mind are at the forefront of the cannabis shopping experience.  


Who's Behind Verda?

Behind Verda is a team of dedicated young entrepreneurs who drive their focus on creating an industry-defining cannabis technology company. With dedication and perseverance, this young trio teamed together to be the first company in Canada to develop a legal cannabis delivery app, and they're just getting started.

Knowing that they were on the peak of something that would disrupt the cannabis industry as we know it, these guys took it full-time. Understanding the need for a safe, convenient and affordable source of regulated cannabis, Verda has built something that benefits not only consumers but cannabis business owners and governments as well.

Verda's Founders

Evan Adcock

Co-Founder & CEO

Evan studied Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University prior to co-founding Verda.

Now a full-time entrepreneur, Evan is passionate about making a dent in the cannabis industry and #EndingTheStigma around cannabis using Verda as the hammer.

MacKenzie Ferguson

Co-Founder, CFO & President

MacKenzie previously studied Commerce at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business, prior to cofounding Verda. 

With a strong background in finance, supply chain, and risk analysis. 

MacKenzie aspires to impact how people interact with the cannabis industry by creating new standards for retail technology.

Stephen Masseur

Co-Founder & CTO

Stephen studied Commerce at the University of Guelph prior to co-founding Verda.

Stephen has a long history of entrepreneurship, starting at age 15 when he built and sold a cloud hosting company. Through innovation and adaptive learning, he is dedicated to building the best cannabis purchasing platform in existence.

Owen Allerton

Chief Marketing Officer

Danielle Poirier

Content Marketing Manager

Keerthy Raja

Marketing Specialist

Team Verda

Luis Loo

Lead Developer

Yazan Khayyat

Mobile Developer

Tony Lee

Web Developer

Jordan Neeb

JavaScript Developer

Alex De Jager


Matthew Koren


Evan LeRose


© 2019, Verda
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